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WW1 Trench Orders 

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A fascinating booklet outlining the orders given to soldiers in the trenches during World War One.

This booklet from the 4th Division gives a valuable insight in to the lives of these soldiers in the trenches.

This is a replica of an original carefully reproduced and printed in the UK.

Examples of contents:

- Duties: who is responsible for what and who they report to
- Sentries: How many sentries will be posted and for how long to ensure troops are protected
- Equipment: The carrying, wearing and care of all equipment "in cold weather men will sleep with their rifles close to the body" [to prevent the striker of the rifle becoming frozen!]
- Sanitation: Including construction of latrines
- Communications: Including installation of lines 
- Rum: "will be kept under the personal charge of the company commander - The best time for issue is in the early morning"
- Rations: Aquiring rations and their use
- Procedure on arrival in trenches: The hand over

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