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This replica newspaper all about VE Day is an ideal resource to support the teaching of World War 2 topics or for those with an interest in World War 2. This is an 8 page edition of the Daily Sketch newspaper from Tuesday May 8th 1945.

Key Articles [subject to change]

  • This is VE-Day 
  • Centre page spread in photographs 'How London waited for VE-Day and Celebrated
  • The King Says "Crushing Victory"
  • World makes Whoopee
  • A cloud on the victory horizon
  • London refuses to await you-can-celebrate order
  • This is our first peace time story.
  • Demobilisation may start in 6 weeks
  • Princess inspects Grenadiers.
  • The Evacuees who may never return
  • General decline in prices
  • German Tells Germans - 'Ours is utter defeat'
  • No surrender to the Russians
  • Allied fleet of 48 ships off Oslo
  • Japs seeking peace terms
  • Goebbles Dead: Sahact found.
  • Clubs decide on regional soccer.
  • Profit that means loss to listeners
  • Todays Radio
  • Adverts: Many adverts from the era.
Note: This is a replica document. Dimensions 36cm x 19cm (Tabloid size)
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