The Victorian Household


Product Description

This Victorians memorabilia pack is perfect for those interested in history or studying the Victorians. The pack is full of fascinating information and detail which brings this historical era to life.

Key contents [subject to change]

  • Licence for Servants
  • Clarke's Pyramid Night Lights sales card 
  • Carbolic Smoke Ball Leaflet: A Victorian 'cure all' leaflet 
  • Exchange & Mart:The first edition of this famous publication 
  • Household Furnishings: Abridged version of home furnishing catalogue
  • Water purification booklet: The fear of typhoid in Victorian Britain was rife. 
  • Gas Lighting Advert: Superb flyer for domestic gas lights
  • Grocer's Invoice
  • A collection of Miscellaneous advertising imagery cards.

NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information from the Victorian era.

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