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This Titanic memorabilia pack is perfect for those interested in the history of the Titanic or studying history. The pack is full of fascinating information and detail which brings this historical era to life.

Technical Details (In this pack)

Signalling the beginning of the end of the Titanic. "We have struck iceberg sinking fast" was a message too late for the 1,517 lost souls.

Daily Graphic
An abridged edition of the newspaper reporting on the full extent of the horror that began on April 14th.

2nd Class Dinner Menu
A veritable feast of tapioca and curried chicken, finished off with a coconut  sandwich. Unique glimpse into life aboard the Titanic.

Passenger Booklet
Substantial booklet with fascinating detail on 1st Class passengers, ship facilities (including an "electric bath") and fares.

Assorted ephemera, including a passionate letter from the GW Union, criticising life boat priority according to 1st class passengers. Unforgivable. 

Advertising  Flyers
Superb examples of Titanic advertisements using photographs and cutaway diagrams.

Sheet Music
The band famously played on with this tune, to lift morale as the evacuation was under way. A poignant memento.

Miscellaneous Images 
A collection of exterior Titanic photos and pictures. (Cigarette card sized)

NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information about the Titanic

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