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The Garden
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This memorabilia pack is all about Gardening and is a perfect gift for those green fingered friends and family.  The pack is full of fascinating information and detail about the history of gardening.

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Woolworth Gardener

Handy 32 page booklet courtesy of Woolworth. c 1950s.

Leisure in the Garden
No self respecting garden would be complete without furniture and this brichure leads the way.

Kizall Insecticides
'Kills everything!' is just one of the alarming claims on this flyer for various pesticides.

Amateur Gardening (1902)
Fascinating newspaper for the Edwardian gardener. 12 pages of adverts and features such as 'How I became a Fernist'. A cornucopia of gardening delights.

Grass cutting
Always a chore, cutting the grass is a difficult sell.  Sales leaflets from various eras, including one for an elaborate victorian contraption. A snip at £2.15s!

Trade Cards
Beautifully illustrated trade cards from the late 30's, with wide ranging tips for the budding gardener.

Miscellaneous images and paperwork including the Chrysanthemum society annual dinner!

NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information.

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