The Cold War


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This bundle of replica documents helps bring to life the era of the Cold War. With items such as a Telegram documenting a high level missing person and leaflets targeting the public such as "Survival might depend on Civil Defence" and "Mass Resistance"; this collection demonstrates the real fear faced by the general public during the Cold War.

Key contents [subject to change]

  • Fascinating replicas of press releases, brochures, leaflets and images relating to the Cold War
  • Includes: "The Hydrogen Bomb" a 31 page booklet produced by the Home Office
  • The Evening Standard from October 23rd 1962 including an article titled "Kennedy's Proof"
  • A leaflet of Civil Defence map symbols
  • "The latest 'Gen' on guided missiles" booklet.

NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information from The Cold War era

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