The Battle of Britain Newspaper

World War 2 Replica Newspaper

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A replica copy of the Daily Sketch from June 19th 1940, giving a fascinating insight into the Battle of Britain. This newspaper is perfect for those who have an interest in World War 2, for teachers who want to bring an interactive element to their lesson and for those studying World War 2.

Key Articles [subject to change] 

  • Battle of Britain: RAF on the offensive
  • Evacuation: Let all the children go safely
  • Premier’s call ‘To our duty’
  • Hitler and Mussolini decide France’s fate
  • French army of 500,00 escapes
  • Paris B.E.F and R.A.F. are back
  • Philippines send £2,629 to our appeal
  • Immediate training for all men to fight.
  • Call to the battlements
  • Unite R.A.F. and Army
  • Centre spread – We have under arms in this Island 1,250,000 men (lots of pictures)
  • Talk of the town
  • Italy’s air power
  • News in four languages
  • Britain’s middle east army ‘We stand firm’
  • R.A.F. again bombs Ruhr oil stores
  • Many more local and international stories
  • Many adverts from the era
NOTE: This newspaper is a replica of the original Daily Sketch newspaper from Wednesday 19th June 1940.
Condition New
5.0 Average Review
These are all unbeliveably good reproductions, they look like they are original
Missouri, United States