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This Suffragettes memorabilia pack is perfect for those interested in history or studying the suffragettes. The pack is full of fascinating information and detail which brings this historical era to life.

Technical Details (In this pack)

Jail Letter
Unique insight into the grim conditions at Holloway prison, this letter being a response to a suffragette prisoner's complaint about filthy conditions.

Votes for Women
Fascinating copy of the official paper for the Women's Movement in 1915, crammed with articles, adverts and messages

Buckingham Palace Flier
A deputation to Buckingham Palace in 1914 resulted in the arrest of 60 women, including Mrs Pankhurst.

Membership Card
Spoof membership card with a satirical attack on the movement. The name on the card? Smashhem-Burnem, Director of Nuisances

1911 Poster
Superb poster for a Coronation Procession. The organisers hoped to display of patriotism would encourage the new King to support the movement.

Hyde Park programme
Hyde Park, 21 June 1908 was promoted as a "monster meeting". Crowds of women congregated to hear more than 80 speakers

Propoganda Leaflet
Pro-suffrage pamphlet lists the misleads of government

Police Bail Notice
Florence Haig's charge sheet refers to causing wilful damage as part of the "window smashing campaign"

Miscellaneous Images
Colourful collection of images and ephemera often using satire to get the message across

NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information from the Suffragette Movement

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