Moon landing 1969 Newspaper


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Evening Standard from "Moonday" July 21st 1969.
12 page broadsheet paper covering all the news of the day and more.
Full of fascinating stories from the day and time.
Also contains interesting adverts for weird and wonderful things - ideal for time comparison study with todays equivalents.

Articles include: 

  • Moonchat: A transcript of the conversation between Armstrong and Aldrin as they walk on the Moon's surface.
  • Mankind's most fantastic leap to planets
  • Londoner's Apollo diary
  • London observed
  • Images of the crew, the landing and a reconstruction of what the landing would have looked like

Also included are the entertainment guide of the day, product and personal ads and horoscopes.

Perfect for all those studying or interested in Space Travel or the Moon landings.

NOTE: This item is a replica produced and printed in the UK.

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