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A replica copy of the Daily Sketch from August 29th 1940, giving a fascinating insight into the Blitz. This newspaper is perfect for those who have an interest in World War 2, for teachers who want to bring an interactive element to their lesson and for those studying World War 2.

Key articles [subject to change]

  • German Blitz on London and 13 other cities
  • Double page spread covering the downing of a Heinkel III 
  • Two kings at war
  • Why toast is cold on this train
  • British defence secrets hidden
  • Any-day trips to Evacuees
  • Romanians bombed as axis try to avert war
  • No women wardens wanted
  • Tally Ho spitfires
  • Free France is growing
  • Homes from home
  • Letters to the Editor: Why be kind to Berlin?
  • Talk of the town
  • I found peace in an air raid shelter
  • Making the best of a ‘Sheltered’ life
  • Radio Guide
  • Kiel bombed from 800 feet
  • Local news and many other features
  • And much more.......

NOTE: This item is a replica of the original Newspaper from Thursday 29th August 1940.



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