Golden Age of Steam Trains


Steam Trains
Memorabilia Pack

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This steam train memorabilia pack is perfect for those interested in steam trains or studying transport. The pack is full of fascinating information and detail which brings this historical subject to life.

Technical Details (In this pack)

LINER speed table
Details on speed and distance showing an impressive 128 mph on some sectionsof the route. Not bad for 1947!

'Triumph of the Royal Scot' booklet (1933): 
Abridged booklet (12 pages) crammed with facts and figures on this famous train, including fabulous interior photographs.

Southern Railway Circular
 An account of fatal accidents with lessons to be learnt.  Grim but fascinating.

LINER Rule Book (1932) 
Interesting 22 page rule book for railway employees, featuring reassuring gems such as 'Casks containing explosives must not be thrown'.

National Union Contribution Card
Interesting insight into the political and social aspects of a 1943 railway employee's working life, including breakdown of contributions to various funds.

Luncheon Menu
Daily fayre from LINER offering 'Roast Mutton with Anchovy sauce 'for just 2/6d'. Mouth watering.

Handbills (1950's) 
Handbills showing times for various excursions such as 'football specials' and trips to see Morecambe illuminations. All aboard!.

Miscellaneous ephemera 
A hotpotch of ephemera including tickets, luggage labels, dining car receipt etc. Evocative of a halycon era.

Miscellaneous cards 
A collection of different trade cards and postcards.

NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information about steam travel.

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