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A replica copy of the Daily Express from May 31st 1940, giving a fascinating insight into the Dunkirk. This newspaper is perfect for those who have an interest in World War 2, for teachers who want to bring an interactive element to their lesson and for those studying World War 2.

Key Articles [subject to change]

  •    Dunkirk – Tens of thousands safely home already
  •    Tired, dirty, hungry they came back ‘unbeatable’
  •    Bomb fear starts evacuation again
  •    50,000 car radios to be removed
  •    Signposts to be removed
  •    100,000 farm army planned
  •    The tanks are coming quickly
  •    Mr. Sensible says stay away from your windows
  •    Pilot comes home by paddle boat
  •    Cousin of the King killed
  •    RAF sergeant wins the D.F.M twice
  •    Shelters must go up by June 11th
  •    Italy rushes for civil defence
  •    B.E.F. wounded aid navy’s AA gunners
  •    and much more ......
NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information from World War II
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