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A replica copy of the Daily Express from September 4th 1939, giving a fascinating insight into the start of World War 2. This newspaper is perfect for those who have an interest in World War 2, for teachers who want to bring an interactive element to their lesson and for those studying World War 2.

Key Articles [subject to change]

  •   Britain Declares War
  •   Winston is Back
  •   Fleet Begins the blockade 
  •   Hitler goes to the Polish front
  •   Australia and New Zealand have decalared war too
  •   Canadians are rushing to enlist
  •   Warsaw crowd cry 'Long Live England'
  •   Big Ben broke the hour - 11am - and it was war.
  •   Britain and France seek assurance from Mussolini
  •   Broadcast to Germany - Have you forgotten the last war?
  •   We must make our minds up: All our lives are going to change
  •   Arsenal are top again
  •   How Britain heard she was at war.
  •   Petrol rationing begins Sept. 16th
  •   Sport is off, cinemas and schools are closed.
  •   Plus much more........
NOTE: This item is a replica.
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