1950's Household


1950s Household
Memorabilia Pack

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This 1950s memorabilia pack is perfect for those interested in history or studying the 1950s.
The pack is full of fascinating information and detail which brings this historical era to life.

Contents of the pack:
Please note that contents are subject to change

A Ration Book (1951-52)

A reminder that times were still tough in post-war Britain

Timothy Whites Brochure
Superb gift guide for a 1950s Christmas including gems such as a hand held "Trouser press" (21/-) and Hypnotizer Perfume" (8/6d). Merry Christmas

Bills, bills, bills
A collection of household bills, including illustrated gas bills with practical tips for a looming fuel crisis

Various ephemera relating to familiar and not so familiar products for keeping the 1950's house spick and span

TV and Radio
Sales pamphlet for the "Ambassador T.V." range including the substantial "Princess" (finished in Burr Walnut) for an eye watering £345. One to impress the neighbours with.

Belling brochure
Abridged brochure illustrating state of the art heaters and cookers for 1956

Black and Greens Tea
Save the labels and you would be able to choose from a vast array of free gifts ranging from a kitchen swab (6 labels) to a pair of braces (36 labels). Fancy a cuppa?

Miscellaneous advertising images
A colourful collection of household images to capture the mood and taste of 1950s Britain.

NOTE: These items are replicas of original documents and information from the 1950s

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