Yanks 'Over Here' - World War 2

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Yanks 'Over Here' - World War 2

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This Yanks 'Over here'  memorabilia pack is perfect for those interested in the history of World War II, for teachers who want to bring lessons to life, those studying World War II or Nursing Homes wanting to stimulate conversation. The pack is full of facinating information and detail which brings this historical era to life.

Key Contents* [subject to change]
  • A short guide to Great Britain including advice such as "Never criticise the King".
  • Yank weekly
  • Welcome Dance invitation
  • Letter giving a unique insight into life during WWII in the words of an American based in England
  • Eisenhower's stirring address to the troops on the eve of D-Day
  • Red Cross leaflets
  • Passes to get aroung the UK amind strict security
  • Miscellaneous cards and images

*Note: These are replicas of original documents