Book Review Templates

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Book Review Templates
Book Review Templates Book Review Templates Book Review Templates

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Book Review Templates
from My Clever Kids

Product Description
This set of book review templates helps children to learn how to identify the key features for reviewing what they read. 

They give children a focus to channel their thinking and aid concentration.

The pages are A5 in size so can easily be stored in children's trays. 

They are presented two to an A4 page.

Techncial Details
  • Ideas:
    On how to use the book review package
  • A front cover:
    This tells the child what they will find on the front cover of a book and gives them plenty of room to design their own cover for their future reviews.
  • A back cover:
    This tells the child about the blurb and again gives the child room to create their very own blurb.
  • Glossary:
    Listing common terms such as Author; index; illustrator but also giving ideas for children to think about when asked to review a book.
  • Genres:
    A simplistic overview to allow children to relate this tricky word with different book types.
  • The opening:
    A structured template to review the opening of a book.
  • The ending:
    A structured template to review the ending of a book.
  • A new beginning:
    A structure to encourage children to begin to create their own story openings.
  • A new ending:
    A structure to encourage children to think about the plot of the book and plan how they might have written a different ending.
  • Setting description:
    Prompts children to consider a specific setting within the book in detail.
  • The plot
    Encourages children to analyse what has happened in the book and how events develop.
  • A character:
    Allows children to begin with a drawing of a character in the book then encourages them to write a brief description.
  • A setting:
    Allows children to begin with a drawing of a setting from the book then encourages them to write a brief description.
  • A character review:
    Requires a more detailed review of one specific charcater from the book.
  • Character relationships:
    Encourages children to consider how characters relate to each other within the book and how their relationships might change as the plot progresses.
  • Create a new character:
    Get their imaginations going and ask them to create a new character to add to the book.  This is not just any character, they need to fit in with the story.
  • Worth reading?:
    An overall opinion - A good book or not? These could be used within the classroom or library to help children in their selection of books.
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