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Welcome to the new look Resources for Teaching Store.
We have sold a range of products in the past aimed at Education but have decided to focus on quality products to support learning and stimulate memory from a brand which we feel provides the highest quality and value.

The Memorabilia Pack Company range of products covers various eras and topics from the Victorians onwards.
The packs contain a variety of documents, images and booklets which are replicas of real items, carefully sourced and printed in the UK resulting in the finished packs creating a sense of 'being there'.  There are Newspapers with stories, articles and averts from a specific point in time which create an accurate snapshot and allow easy comparison with tabloids of today.
Using these products in schools allows a hands on approach to learning which gets great results.  Students gain a real understanding that they can relate to modern day examples of the documents. The items can also be used at home to support learning and to add depth to school projects.
Memorabilia resources are not limited to use with those of school age.  They have a proven record for use in Care Homes and with those suffering dementia or memory loss.  Handling the documents can prompt real memories to events in that persons life during that era. Feedback has described people becoming alive and animated with stories they had never told before.